ATM DISPLAY #1ATM DISPLAY full #2ATM DISPLAY colors final #3ATM Brand Identity Mockup ATM DISPLAY businesscard mockup #4ATM DISPLAY apparel mockup #4ATM DISPLAY expand brand #5-1Across the Margin is an Art & Culture magazine with a literary focus based in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 2010, and with a readership of well over 100,000, I am co-owner of the magazine with my partner Michael Shields.

The magazine is a place for writers and wordsmiths – where the written word is king – that aims to prove that long-form content still has a place, and can thrive online. Within Across the Margin’s ‘pages’ can be found an eclectic mix of fiction, editorials, and factual prose that explore the current state of the world around us, and the depths of our human nature.

As an Editor of Across the Margin’s 900+ articles, I have extensive experience with bending the written word to make a story or an article soar. As the Director of Across the Margin’s Art Department, I am the driving force behind the design, layout, branding and overall “feel” of the magazine.

With the arrival of 2016 came Across the Margin’s pivot into publishing, with the creation of ATM Publishing, and the release of our first book, Seneca Rebel, a young adult themed novel by first-time author Rayya Deeb. In addition to ATM Publishing, we have branched the brand out further to encompass our popular podcast, Beyond the Margin, our storefront, The Writer’s Depot, where we offer literary-themed apparel and art prints and soon into film & television with ATM Productions.

Across the Margin is a place for those who revere honesty and idolize wordplay, where boundaries do not exist. It’s a safe house for topics of all kinds. Ideas can expose themselves in the light of the brightest day at Across the Margin with no fear of scrutiny or judgement. It’s a place where the sentence ends and our stories just begin….