My love of the written word exists in tandem with my love of art. Oftentimes I think in pictures, and sometimes those pictures are part of a larger narrative that I find myself moved to put to words. Below is a sampling of some of my short stories, topical articles and essays.

THE SONGBIRD – A glimpse into a wild future where what we all take for granted is starting to slowly fall apart….

STONE TEMPLE WEILAND – The sudden passing of former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland stirs up memories of nostalgia and remorse for a gifted performer lost too soon….

BEFORE THE FOG – Is it better to remember something as it was before, or to be born into the change, and never know the difference?

THE MIDDLE DRAWER – The hollow hum of the overhead fluorescence, the idle potential of cubicles repeated end on end, what strange things come to the office space late at night….

PERLA – A cautionary environmental tale written in five parts. People live, people love, people go….

F TRAIN TO NOWHERE – If no one notices you, are you really there?

COLORS OF CHANGE – Sometimes, the things we want most in life take all our courage to ask for….

POINT – COUNTERPOINT: TERRARIUMS – The value of terrariums are debated in a smattering of enthusiastically disagreeable point, counterpoint….

THE RAINMAKERAmidst the ruins of Man, among the shadows of uncertainty and decay, life finds a way to survive….

SUMMER DAZE – There’s a cloud of black flies buzzing and a heat wave burning, what games we play among the hissing of warm summer lawns….

THE RABBIT & THE HAWK – Sometimes the things you hope for the most are those that destroy you in the end….

THE MODERN LETDOWN – A fictitious tale of a genetic letdown that may be a family’s only hope….

NIGHTHAWK – From the darkened shadows of the night an insomniac looks towards the light….

WHAT RAY BRADBURY TAUGHT ME – An loving fan of one of America’s greatest storytellers digs deep after news of his passing….