A novel by Douglas Grant

When first-time historical fiction author Douglas Grant needed promotional art to coincide with the release of his novel, Preemptive, we brainstormed themes and visual cues present in the book that would translate well into a large-format illustrated poster and supporting art.

Set in the United States and Afghanistan immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Preemptive’s plot follows the lives of two youths, one growing up in New York City and one growing up in the war-ravaged city of Herat. As two men on opposite sides of the world battle intense psychological tumult, one of them is about to uncover a truth that will change him forever.

Working closely with the author and drawing inspiration from the story’s contrasting cultural backdrops, I incorporated visual elements from the story’s suspenseful plot, expansive world and opposing cultures into the final illustrated promotional poster for the book, fictional propaganda posters and character art.



A novel by Douglas Grant

When author Douglas Grant needed a full-cover jacket design for his second novel, Imaginary Lines, we met to brainstorm themes and elements from the book that would come together to create a visually arresting and intriguing book cover. The author was strongly interested in applying an “accented strokes” filter to the photography used in the cover’s creation in order to introduce a layer of visual uncertainty to the scene and he expressed a strong desire to have the cover seem over-saturated, playing up the intensity of the high desert sun.

Set in the sunny lands of southern California during the real-estate boom of the 2000’s and filled with characters both tame and unsavory, Imaginary Lines quickly goes from a tale of success and riches to one of kidnapping, tragedy and despair. Playing up on these powerful themes I designed a book cover that succeeds in conveying the harshness of the novels plot and the despair faced by its characters as they struggle against all odds to regain their former lives and selves.

Seneca Mockup

A novel by Rayya Deeb

One offshoot of my online Arts & Culture magazine is ATM Publishing, a publishing imprint I help found in June of 2016. For its initial publication, we choose Los Angeles-based Emmy-nominated writer and producer Rayya Deeb, and her exciting young adult novel Seneca Rebel.

Working with Rayya on numerous aspects of the books promotion as its sole publisher, ATM Publishing has been heavily involved in generating promotional materials to coincide with the books launch. One aspect of the books release that we are really exited about is the transmedia experience we are helping to build in collaboration with No Mimes Media. To coincide with Seneca Rebel’s release, there are viral webpages, clothing lines, jewelry and original art being created to enhance the readers experience and immerse them further into the world of Seneca.

The novel’s main character, Doro Campbell, is a hyperintelligent, spunky, and fearless female teen protagonist with a nostalgia for the pop-culture of generations past and the technology and advances that she finds herself surrounded by in the novel’s futuristic present. With a heavy emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), disciplines currently underrepresented in U.S. schools, an additional goal of this publication is to kindle interests in these vital subjects at a young age.

I worked with Rayya to specifically create original illustrations based on several of her main heroine Doro Campbell’s favorite musicians and artists. These included interpretations of classic albums by Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, all featuring Doro’s “mascot” – her Pomeranian dog Killer – and pop-art versions of the dog as well.