Everyone judges books by their covers. It cannot be helped for as humans we are visual creatures and biologically we can’t stop ourselves. It is in our nature to be immediately moved and engaged by color and shape and therein lies the power of good design. I have worked with numerous authors in art direction and graphic design to create covers for their books and I have several more slated for 2020 release. Here are a few of my favorites and an example of my creative process below that.

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Book: Imaginary Lines        Author: Douglas Grant        Role: Art Direction/Graphic Design/Photography

When writer Douglas Grant approached me to do the cover for his second novel, Imaginary Lines, we discussed colors and visual themes that would play well with the dramatic story he had written. Set south of the border in Mexico, where the promise of relaxation and optimism turns into a possibility for tragedy, I created a cover that translated the drama and uncertainty faced by the characters as they navigated the ups and downs of their rapidly unfolding reality.