selfportrait>> My name is Chris and I’m a graphic designer. I believe that good design should tell a story and stir a desire for change. It should think backwards from people and embrace seeing the world through their eyes.

I took an unconventional path to becoming a designer. I studied biology and anatomy in college and helped found an art & culture magazine while living in NYC that surprised me with its success. I found I enjoyed designing for the magazine and working to craft its identity, and that sparked my fascination with how people discover new products and brands.

My nine years in NYC, with its vibrant culture and inspiring peoples, was the creative catalyst that solidified my journey to becoming the designer I am today. Three years ago, after starting a family, I relocated to Portland and took a job as a graphic designer at a global creative lifestyle company. While there, I immersed myself in designing for an innovative brand focused on movement, wellness, music and dance.

As a designer I am a creative problem solver and I believe in the value of collaboration and individual growth to achieve goals. I love to explore color and its emotional impact. I’m particularly interested in how, as designers, we can enhance and promote the human experience.

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